Website design

Weather you looking for someone to host your website or all the way up until designing your website and maintaining it daily for you.

We do it all

Need an inexpensive Freelance Website Designer for your Project?

Websites are powerful and strong sales and marketing channels. We design websites that will not only add value in the short term, but more significantly will have a longer objective so that you will see steady growth.


  1. We focus on website design services for independent and corporate clients alike.
  2. Pact MM understand that not all companies are the same and want to make sure that the solution we provide for your company is customised specifically to your product, service and industry.
  3. Our Staff work closely with our clients to produce their unique online marketing identity.


So, whether you are an individual requiring a basic website. Maybe you require a few pages. you could also require a custom solution. We have the web solutions to build a website for your business, on time and on budget.






Let’s discuss what we can do for you. Our objective is to help your company implement online strategies. This will make your company more successful.