Welcome to Jive Bunny’s

Jive Bunny’s Dancing School is a dance programme offered as an extra school activity and our dance teachers are qualified and well experienced both locally and abroad.



·         Fine and Large Motor Skills

·         Co-Ordination

·         Confidence

·         Core Strength

·         Balancing Skills

·         Sense of Movement

·         Fitness

·         Spatial Awareness

·         Flexibility


There will be an informal dancing competition during September/October in which your child can compete and where you will have the opportunity to see what your child has learned with Jive Bunny’s Dancing School.

Dancing lessons for kids at nursery schools. To book your free dancing demo at your school. 2018 dance promo available on request. For the love of dancing. Cheap affordable Dancing lessons. We offer a range of genres, from Hip-Hop to Ballet and even Creative. We now offer evening classes from 18h00. The evening genre class is currently Free Style. Our Teacher has her degree and has traveled both locally and abroad for various competitions.



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