As a family, we have long history and broad experience in child care and we pride ourselves on tradition, recognised and reliable childcare policies!

Identifying early childhood development as a unique and precious stage of life.  Abacus Kids Academy has the facilities to offer your child a home away from home where the well-being of your child comes first.

We provide an atmosphere for children that is beneficial for individual, social, emotional and physical development.

Working closely with parents in providing the best possible experience for their children, we are committed to being a part of the parents' support network.

Providing care in a setting with small classes, experienced staff and a happy, safe and friendly environment, Abacus Kids Academy provides your child with an inspiring learning programme, catering for each individual child.

Our objective is to build a strong relationship with both children and parents to accomplish confidence and a family atmosphere between parents, children and teachers.

There has been a great deal of constructive development within our schools and we continue to move forward in our educational thinking to provide the best possible provision for our children.

Staff work extremely hard and there is a strong sense of supportive teamwork.

Our Verwoerdpark premises is CCTV monitored (excluding the bathrooms and church) with internal monitoring and confidential record keeping.


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